New York City's Teacher's Choice program, initiated by the UFT more than 25 years ago, reimburses public school educators — as determined by title — for the purchase of classroom and school supplies of their choice.


The Teacher's Choice program for School Year 2019-2020 has ended. 

For more information, see the UFT's info page or the DOE's Teacher's Choice website (DOE login required).



In order to use your allotted NYCDOE 2019–2020 Teacher's Choice funds at Barclay, you must have filled out an affidavit certifying that you are paying for your purchase with funds allotted to you under the 2019–2020 Teacher’s Choice program of the NYC DOE, and that all of the items in the purchase are for appropriate use in your NYCDOE teaching or are otherwise allowable under the Teacher’s Choice program for the current school year.

You must also present our cashier with a current teacher ID* in one of the following forms:

  1. Official DOE identification card* (from DOE HR at 65 Court Street)
  2. Official UFT membership card (the blue card with the bar code)
  3. Official school ID indicating that you are a teacher*

*The job title on your ID card must be Teacher or another job position eligible for Teacher's Choice, e.g. School Secretary, Guidance Counselor, Social Worker, School Psychologist, Occupational or Physical Therapist, Nurse, Laboratory Specialist, AP, or Permanent Substitute Teacher.  Subs (other than permanent) and paras are not currently eligible for Teacher's Choice.


All ID's must be current!


For more information about the Teacher's Choice program, visit the UFT's Teachers Choice page, contact your UFT representative, email